Where’s Lenny?

Suggested age 2 – 4


Author: Ken Wilson-Max
ISBN: 9781907825231
Date Published: 1 Aug. 2020

Home time is fun time for Lenny, Mum, Dad and Wilbur. Continuing the everyday adventures of this little boy, Lenny plays hide and seek with his dad… Is he in the cupboard? No. Its empty. Or in the sitting room? No, its only Wilbur the dog. Hes not in the kitchen either. But, what about on the stairs? Blobs of jam are a clue. At last Dad and Mum see a little giggly lump under the bedclothes in Lennys bedroom. Here is Lenny, ready for a tickle and a hug!

This book builds on the series and pick up on the importance of family play, laughter and good old-fashioned silliness for young children and their grown-ups.

Alanna Max

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Dimensions23 × 1 × 20 cm

Alanna Max


Age 0 – 3, Age 3 – 5




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