Pablo’s and the Noisy Party

Suggested age 2 – 7


Author: Pablo
ISBN: 9780241415740
Date Published: 19 Mar. 2020

Pablo thinks differently!

Pablo’s mum takes him to his cousin Lorna’s birthday party, but Pablo gets scared of the noisy party.

Pablo hides in the car, and soon his friends come to join him. Pablo’s friends help him realise that it’s OK if he doesn’t want to go to the party.

This lovely and heartwarming story will help readers understand that not everybody thinks the same way, and that some people feel differently about parties.

All Pablo books are written by writers on the autistic spectrum and are grounded in the real-life experiences of autistic children.


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Dimensions13.2 × 1 × 25.4 cm





Age 0 – 3, Age 3 – 5, Age 5 – 7, Age 7 – 9


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