Last: The Story of a White Rhino

Suggested age 5 – 7


Author: Nicola Davies
ISBN: 9781910328484
Date Published: 24 Sept. 2020

A rhinoceros remembers his life before grey captivity, one full of colour, with familiar smells and sights. He thinks of his mother being slain by poachers. He has searched the zoo but cannot find another like him. He fears he is the last. He describes a joyless life for all the animals with him, before being rescued and brought back home. The colour is brought back into his life when he realises he is not the last.

Last evokes a longing for home from the reader and a sense of hope for the future upon its ending.

In her debut as an illustrator, Nicole Davies effectively and beautifully portrays the differences in mood and surroundings between the rhinoceros’ life before and during captivity through her effective use of colour.

Tiny Owl Publishing Ltd

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Dimensions23 × 0.5 × 23 cm

Tiny Owl Publishing Ltd


Age 5 – 7, Age 7 – 9




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