How Do You Make a Baby?

Suggested age 7 – 11


Author: Anna Fiske
ISBN: 9781776572854
Date Published: 1 Jul 2020

A factual and funny book for children aged 4 and up that answers the questions all children are curious about.

How does a baby get into the mother’s stomach? Who can make a baby, and how is it actually done?

With comic illustrations and a playful tone, this book is a great conversation starter for families and classrooms approaching the topics of sex education, human anatomy and how babies are made. Informational, funny and warm, How Do You Make a Baby? is an intelligent introductory teaching tool that keeps the topic light and easy through humourous language, illustration and inclusivity.

How Do You Make a Baby? gives parents, teachers and children a starting point for open and inclusive discussion on topics including different ways to be a family, same-sex parents, IVF treatment, adoption and a diverse cast of illustrated characters.

“Finally: a ‘where do babies come from’ book that doesn’t mince words—or pictures.” –Kirkus Reviews.

Praise for How Do You Make a Baby?

“This frank, cartoon-illustrated picture book answers its titular question with Scandinavian directness…The text’s mild cheekiness balances the informational load and should ease shared read-alouds in families unaccustomed to this book’s straightforwardness. Answers an often difficult question with humour and even grace.” – Kirkus Reviews

“An informational and fun treatment of what can be a difficult subject. Readers will appreciate the humour and straightforward presentation. Recommended for general purchase.” – School Library Journal

“The drawings maintain a sense of humour while introducing forthright details about intercourse…This covers-off look at baby-making doesn’t leave much to the imagination, and those seeking an uninhibited approach to the topic will welcome this book’s directness.” – The Horn Book

“5 stars. This book by Anna Fiske is an excellent teaching tool and conversation starter for this tricky topic…This book is fantastically inclusive” – Manhattan Book Review

Dimensions21 × 1.5 × 28.7 cm

Gecko Press


Age 5 – 7, Age 7 – 9, Age 9 – 12




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