Graphic Medieval History: Castles

Suggested age 9 +


Author: Gary Jeffrey
ISBN: 9781445167237
Date Published: 8 Nov 2018

A gripping, action-packed introduction to the medieval period in history through a graphic novel approach.

A history of Medieval conflict during key episodes of this era of human development. Each book includes three amazing true stories of the times, from kings to paupers, told in graphic comic book style. Further information, illustrated with maps and artwork, gives the reader a background history on each period.

In Graphic Medieval History: Castles, discover how the impregnable French castle, Château Gaillard, fell to the enemy as they entered through the garderobes; how the castle at Dover in England held out against a French siege and saved the throne of England; how Edward I defeated the Welsh uprisings and built a string of castles that still stand today.

Franklin Watts

Dimensions17.2 × 0.9 × 26 cm

Franklin Watts


Age 9 – 12, Age 12 – 14, Age 14 +




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