Everything: Castles

Suggested age 7 – 11


Author: Crispin Boyer
ISBN: 9781426308031
Date Published: 19 Oct 2011

They were fortifications used to defend against enemy attacks, inhabited by powerful kings, knights in shining armour, and damsels in distress. Medieval castles have a long history immortalised in stories, songs, and even modern-day film. In “Everything Castles”, kids will learn what life behind massive stone walls, moats, and towers was really like. This book delves into an exciting and dramatic history of fierce battles, dark dungeons, secret passageways, lavish banquets, and more, with tips and anecdotes from experts in the field. With fun facts and photos, including thrilling reenactment shots, kids will learn about the lives of the inhabitants and the fascinating histories of medieval castles.

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Dimensions23.5 × 0.64 × 27.9 cm

National Geographic Kids


Age 5 – 7, Age 7 – 9, Age 9 – 12




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