Black Beauty

Suggested age 9 – 12


Author: Anna Sewell
ISBN: 9780008514303
Date Published: 16 Sep 2021

This beautiful HarperCollins Children’s Classics edition of Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty is the perfect addition to any bookshelf.

Anna Sewell’s beloved novel tells the story of the handsome, sweet-natured Black Beauty – a horse who recounts his life’s journey in his own unique voice.

From his carefree time as a foal roaming the meadows of an English farm to his exhausting days pulling cabs in Victorian London, Black Beauty shares tales of both the kindness and cruelty he has suffered at the hands of humans.

The heart-warming story of Black Beauty was an instant and lasting success, and its passionate stand for sympathy and respect towards animals remains powerful and relevant today.

Dimensions12.9 × 2.1 × 19.8 cm

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Age 9 – 12, Age 12 – 14




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