The Great Big Read: Empowering Young Minds Through Reading and Community

In a world filled with digital distractions, nurturing a love for reading in our children has never been more crucial. The Great Big Read provides a unique and fun literacy event service for schools and nurseries looking to cultivate a positive reading culture and fundraise for new books. With an innovative collaborative approach combining the joy of reading with community support, The Great Big Read is a bookish escapade like no other!

The Recipe for Literary Excitement

So, how does The Great Big Read work its magic? Schools and nurseries choose between a preloved book fair or sponsored reading challenge – both formats immerse children in the wonderful world of books.

The Great Big Read preloved book fairs promote themes including reuse, looking after the environment, sharing, empathy and reading for pleasure.

In the sponsored reading challenge, children are wowed with a captivating assembly launch or storytime session, setting the stage for the individual or shared reading adventure ahead.

Books, Community, and a Dash of Sponsorship

One of the most remarkable aspects of The Great Big Read is the community spirit. Money for new learning resources is generated through optional sponsorships and donations; local businesses and families collaborate to ensure pupils benefit from a boost of extra books.

At the preloved book fairs, 100% pupils receive a book to keep at home and 100% donations benefit the school or nursery – community generosity and support is truly mind-blowing!

For every £5 donated during the Great Big Read sponsored reading events, Pop-Up Bookshop donates £1 worth of extra free books creating a ripple effect of reading joy.

The Great Big Read reaches out to local businesses, raising community awareness and securing sponsorship to maximise the impact of each termly event.

Bespoke Events and Pupil Premium Support

What sets The Great Big Read apart is the commitment to tailoring events to each school’s unique requirements. Sponsored reading resources can be adapted to meet individual school needs. Every event format ensures Pupil Premium children have access to free books. This dedication to inclusivity is at the core of The Great Big Read’s mission.

Maximising the Impact, Minimising the Hassle

The Great Big Read takes away the administrative burden from schools and nurseries, managing all admin and donations and facilitating every aspect of the event – leaving teachers time free to teach.

Digital copies of all supporting event documents are used to make it simple for schools to share the magic of reading with their children.

Celebrate Success

The Great Big Read believes in sharing success, celebrating the joy of pupil achievement in school assemblies to recognise the efforts of young readers. Every child who participates receives a certificate and a goodie pack.

The Great Big Read is not just a reading challenge; it harnesses the power of community and uses the magic of books to help improve educational settings and promote a positive reading culture.

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