The Dinosaur Tales: A Popular Series Of Modern Day Fables For UK Primary Schools

In the world of children’s reading programmes, few stories captivate the hearts and minds of emerging readers quite like those of The Dinosaur Tales series; a visual feast for young readers, bringing the prehistoric world to life with meticulous attention to detail and a whimsical touch. Written by talented Usborne author, Russell Punter, and brought to life by the creative illustrations of Andy Elkerton, this series of modern day fables has become a firm favourite in UK primary schools and we believe for a good reason.


Mark and the Dino AttackDiscover: The Dinosaur Who Loved Applause

Sid is an iconic character who features alongside a collection of lovable dinosaurs in every title of the popular Usborne Dinosaur Tales series. The Dinosaur Who Loved Applause is the third title in the series.

Suitable for readers aged 4+ years and perfect for little dinosaur fans learning to read independently, these books are ideal for bedtime reading, to send home in pupil book bags, or to share during class story time.

Each book combines vivid illustrations with larger font size, simple short sentences to complement phonetic learning, rhyming repetitive text, wide use of speech-bubbles and expressive language throughout; truly captivating and engaging for younger readers.

In addition, every story is cleverly written to be funny yet in the style of a modern day fable; clearly conveying a moral lesson to help teach youngsters important behavioural skills.

Sid is auditioning for stars to take part in the Dino Valley charity show.

“Look at us!” shout boisterous twin dinosaurs, Dee and Gus, who want to be the stars of the show – they simply love attention! But will they give anyone else the chance to shine?

Meet The Author: Russell Punter

Russell Punter was born in Bedfordshire, England. Russell enjoyed writing and illustrating his own stories from a young age, training as a graphic designer at art college in West Sussex before entering the world of publishing. He has written well over a hundred books for children of all ages, including original stories as well as adaptations of classic novels. Russell has enjoyed working with Usborne Publishing for a number of years.

Meet The Illustrator: Andy Elkerton 

Andy Elkerton lives on the west coast of Scotland with his family. He is a highly talented illustrator and an emerging author. One of his recent titles, I Love this Tree, was shortlisted at the SLA awards.

While Russell’s words create the foundation of The Dinosaur Tales series, it’s the artistic brilliance of Andy Elkerton that adds the vibrant colours and vivid prehistoric characters to each story.

The Dinosaur Tales series includes:

The Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar

The Dinosaur With The Noisy Snore

The Dinosaur Who Roared For More

The Dinosaur Who Stayed Indoors

The Dinosaur Who Ran The Store

The Dinosaur Who Asked ‘What For?’

The Dinosaur Who Littered The Floor

The Dinosaur Who Stayed Indoors

The Dinosaur Who Met Santa Claus

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