Suggested age 2 – 7


Author: Julia Donaldson
Illustrator: Alex Scheffler
ISBN: 9781407170763
Date Published: 7 July 2016

Winner of the Galaxy National Book Award 2010

The magical and exciting picture book from the number one bestselling author and illustrator of The Gruffalo, Zog and Stick Man.

‘Madam Dragon ran a school, many moons ago.
She taught young dragons all the things that dragons need to know.
Zog, the biggest dragon, was the keenest one by far.
He tried his hardest every day to win a golden star.’

Zog is the keenest dragon in school. He’s also the most accident-prone, flying into trees and even setting his own wing on fire.

Luckily, a mysterious little girl always comes by and patches up his bumps and bruises.

But will she be able to help him with his toughest test: capturing a princess?

Shiny foil highlights on the cover makes this a special gift for toddlers
A magical picture book about dragons, knights and princesses from the UK’s number one picture book author and illustrator.

Perfect read-aloud rhyming text and stunning pictures on every page with lots of details to spot
The perfect story for children starting school with bravery, kindness, friendship and perseverance at the heart.

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Dimensions11 × 0.5 × 24 cm

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