Tales From The Touchline: Saka

Suggested age Age 7 – 11


Author: Harry Coninx
ISBN: 9781800473553
Date Published: Oct 6, 2022

Bukayo Ayoyinka Saka, known as “England’s brightest light”, is one of the most exciting new players to watch. This biography is one of the titles in Ransom’s Tales from the Pitch series. These books offers a fresh take on the familiar football biography format. Each of these fast-moving reads focuses on one football superstar, some players who are still to reach the summit of their career, and others who are the already at the top of their game.

These are exhilarating reads about players from all walks of life. Many have faced failure, injury and rejection, to ultimately make their dreams come true and have inspirational stories. So meet the footballers behind the iconic tackles and goals, and find out what makes each of these players so special.

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