Refugee Boy

Suggested age 12 +


Author: Benjamin Zephaniah
ISBN: 9781408894996
Date Published: 7 Sep 2017

“Playful, obstinate and courageously humorous … hilarious and later heartbreaking” Guardian

The personal, funny and poignant tale of a young refugee, from acclaimed storyteller Benjamin Zephaniah

Acclaimed performance poet and novelist Benjamin Zephaniah’s honest, wry and poignant story of a young refugee left in London is of even more power and pertinence today than when it was first published.

Life is not safe for Alem. His father is Ethopian, his mother Eritrean. Their countries are at war, and Alem is welcome in neither place.

So Alem is excited to spend a holiday in London with his father – until he wakes up to find him gone. What seems like a betrayal is in fact an act of love, but now Alem is alone in a strange country, and he must forge his own path…

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Dimensions13 × 2.2 × 19.7 cm

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Age 12 – 14, Age 14 +




“Sweet, funny, highly inventive”
Yorkshire Post
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