Polly Bee Makes Honey

Suggested age 2 – 6


Author: Deborah Chancellor
ISBN: 9781912650705
Date Published: 30 Sep 2021

Follow My Food is a new non-fiction series that encourages children to be environmentally aware and appreciate where their food comes from.

In Polly Bee Makes Honey we follow a worker bee collecting pollen and nectar from various flowers, and bringing it back to the hive – where it is stored in the honeycomb. We meet the queen bee and the drones, and finally see honey being harvested and enjoyed!

There is a simple quiz and fun facts at the end of the book, to show children how bees live.

Scallywag Press

Dimensions24 × 0.9 × 24 cm

Scallywag Press


Age 0 – 3, Age 3 – 5, Age 5 – 7




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