My Virtual Museum: A kids’ workbook for art exploration and appreciation


Author: Honeybee School Press
ISBN: 9798622221002
Date Published: 15 Mar. 2020

Let your kids create their own virtual museums!

This workbook offers a great way to get kids to explore, learn about and appreciate art. It’s a self-guided activity book that helps kids learn about art by visiting museum websites and making their own drawings of famous art.

When kids are stuck at home (because of no school, or a snow storm, or if it’s too hot out), there is no reason to be bored. Just have them visit an awesome museum online, explore the collection of artworks, and use this workbook to get to know favorite art pieces better.

So many of the top world museums now have their collection available to view online. This workbook lets you get to know the world’s best art better by creating your own version of the best-know masterpieces. It also has room to write down important details about the artwork, such as which museum it’s found in, who made it, when, and using what materials.

About this workbook:

Includes a list of top world museums that have their collections available to view online.
Also includes a list of some of the most famous artworks and masterpieces in the world.
An easy how-to-use guide gives clear instruction on how to use this workbook.
Each two-page spread has a picture frame on the right-hand side where to draw your own masterpieces and room for information about the artwork on the left-hand side.
White paper.
Ideal for use with various art media – color pencils, crayons, gel pens and other. Not recommended for paints.
Room for 35 artworks.
How to use this workbook:

1. Visit a museum website.

2. Look through their collection of artworks.

3. Select your favorite artwork.

4. Draw your own version of the artwork using the frames on the right-hand side of your book.

5. Write down all the important information about the artwork on the left-hand side of your book.

Honeybee School Press

Dimensions21.5 × 0.4 × 27.9 cm

Honeybee School Press




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