Meerkat Mail

Suggested age 4 – 6


Author: Emily Gravett
ISBN: 9781416934738
Date Published: 25 Sept. 2007

Sunny Meerkat lives in the Kalahari desert with his family. Under the hot sun, Sunny and his brothers and sisters work together, play together, eat together, learn together, and sleep together. Sunny needs a break, so he decides to take a trip to visit some relatives. Through a series of postcards–that actually flip open for children to read–Sunny documents his journey for his family. But as he travels from the barnyard through the forest to the city, Sunny realizes there’s no place like home.

Simon & Schuster

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Dimensions26 × 1.5 × 22 cm

Simon & Schuster Children's UK


Age 3 – 5, Age 5 – 7


Board Book


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