Inspector Hound and the case of the Enormous Sausage

Suggested age 6 +


Author: Frances Velody
Illustrator: Mark Beech
ISBN: 9781838412005
Date Published: Jul 13, 2021

Inspector Hound’ is the secret identity of Monsieur Alphonse, the greatest chef in all France, who runs a famous restaurant set in a beautiful hilltop château. He is a dog (though no one seems to notice) and all the other characters are human. When one of his guests discovers in the middle of dinner that her pearls are missing, Monsieur Alphonse slips away and reappears as Inspector Hound, who solves the crime.

The story is followed by an unusual recipe for children and parents to make at home together.

The book stands alone, but is planned as the first in a series. Each story sees Inspector Hound solving a food-related mystery, and is accompanied by a related recipe. (Sequels include Inspector Hound and the Great Noodle Tangle, Inspector Hound and the Nutty Mystery, and Inspector Hound and the Spice Trail.).

Do enjoy magical times reading this with a child children and watch them progress to being able to enjoy the book’s rich immersive world of sleuthing and cooking for themselves.

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Dimensions17.1 × 1.3 × 22.8 cm

Albus Books


Age 5 – 7, Age 7 – 9, Age 9 – 12


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