Greg the Sausage Roll

Suggested age 2 – 5


Author: Mark & Roxanne Hoyle
Illustrator: Gareth Conway
ISBN: 9780241548356
Date Published: Nov 10, 2022

This Christmas, Greg the Sausage Roll is back and this time he’s swept up in an even bigger festive rollercoaster that takes him all the way to the North Pole. Get ready to meet some brand-new friends and family – Greg is a sausage roll on a mission to make this year the best Christmas EVER!

Developed and written by the social media phenomenon that is LadBaby – the king and queen of Christmas and of sausage rolls – and creators of the hilarious No. 1 bestseller Greg the Sausage Roll: Santa’s Little Helper.

Dimensions 25.6 × 0.4 × 25.6 cm



Age 0 – 3, Age 3 – 5, Age 5 – 7, Age 7 – 9


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