Extreme Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Suggested age 6 +


Author: John Farndon
ISBN: 9781912108718
Date Published: 22 Jun 2017

Extreme Earthquakes and Tsunamis These two extreme events are of course related, and are equal partners in this book. We explain the geology of earthquakes, along with the effects of a sequence of shocks; typical rescue operations and the technology used for these; and how earthquakes may be predicted and buildings made to withstand them.

We look at the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 in detail and methods for predicting such events together with ways of preventing them from becoming worse in future. When Disaster Strikes is a series that focuses on the science behind the worst disasters to have hit the planet, mainly, but not only, in modern times. This includes geological/geographical causes, the changing patterns of disaster (perhaps as a result of global warming), the destruction and environmental effects, along with human- interest stories, and the latest technology for predicting and warning.

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