Ella in the Garden of Giverny: A Picture Book About Claude Monet

Suggested age 4 – 8


Author: Daniel Fehr
Illustrator: Monika Vaicenaviciene
ISBN: 9783791374765
Date Published: 9 Sep 2021

When a young girl meets the famous Monet in his garden at Giverny, she learns the importance of staying true to your vision. This intriguing child’s-eye view of Claude Monet and the development of Impressionism takes as its premise how artists flocked to Giverny at the turn of the 20th century to study the painter’s technique.

It tells the story of Ella, the daughter of one such artist, who sneaks into Monet’s garden, and develops a friendship with him. As Ella sketches, Monet talks about his life, career, and his technique. And he explains the idea of Impressionism in a way that will make children not only understand the genre, but also want to imitate it themselves. Monika Vaicenavi ien ‘s subtly colored and dreamily delicate illustrations strike the perfect note as they reflect Ella’s interpretation of Monet’s beautiful gardens.

Readers will learn about important moments in Monet’s life, including his struggles with critics and his own self-doubt, while also appreciating the easy comradery between a wise and experienced artist and a young, opinionated yet impressionable painter. The book ends with a brief biography of Monet in timeline form and information about Giverny and museums that feature Monet’s work.

Prestel Junior

Dimensions24.9 × 1.1 × 30.8 cm

Prestel Junior


Age 3 – 5, Age 5 – 7, Age 7 – 9




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