Dick King-Smith: Tumbleweed

Suggested age 9 – 12


Author: Dick King-Smith
ISBN: 9781782268758
Date Published: 16 Dec 2021

A beautiful new edition of Dick King-Smith’s Tumbleweed, from the renowned author of Babe The Sheep-Pig.

Of all the knights in Merrie England, Sir Tumbleweed is the clumsiest. He dreams of winning a tournament and slaying a dragon, but he can’t even stay on his horse. As for rescuing a damsel in distress – chance would be a fine thing! Cue the lion, the witch and the … unicorn? With their help, Sir Basil the Beastly, current jousting champion, is going down! Literally. After that, they just need to find a dragon (preferably small) and a damsel (beautiful, of course). What could possibly go wrong?

Sweet Cherry Publishing

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Dimensions12.8 × 0.6 × 19.8 cm

Sweet Cherry Publishing


Age 7 – 9, Age 9 – 12, Age 12 – 14




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