All The Way Down: Amazon Rainforest

Suggested age 4 – 8


Author: Alex Woolf
Illustrator: Isobel Lundie
ISBN: 9781913337988
Date Published: 28 Feb. 2021

All The Way Down is an ingenious new information book series looking at different ecosystems from the organisms that live near the top to the creatures that dwell near the bottom.

Amazon Rainforest explores the different layers of the world’s largest rainforest, from the birds and flying insects that live in the canopy to the creepy-crawlies, reptiles and fish that lurk in the lower depths and the streams and rivers.

The book also explores how the Amazon rainforest is endangered by issues including deforestation, pollution and climate change, raising young readers’ awareness of conservation and environmental issues.

Each spread features bold, colourful and eye-catching illustrations of the different animal and plant species, plus easy-to-digest, bite-sized factoids about the creatures. A ruler running down the side of each spread highlights the different depths. An attractive magnetic clasp makes it an ideal gift purchase.

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Dimensions27.1 × 1.5 × 29.4 cm

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