6 Chelsea Walk: Girls at War

Suggested age 9 – 12


Author: Ann Turnbull
ISBN: 9781474954966
Date Published: 2 May 2019

Discover the extraordinary lives of the inspiring girls who have lived throughout history at 6 Chelsea Walk.

When Josie goes to stay with her cousin Edith, she’s glad to be starting a new life away from the shame that has haunted her family since her brother chose not to fight in the war. Josie tries to fit in with Edith’s friends, playing on bombsites and teasing a timid classmate. But when the bullying gets out of hand, Josie faces a dilemma: she knows what it feels like to be picked on, but if she takes a stand, will Edith tell everyone her secret?

A deeply moving account of one girl’s quiet courage set amidst of the terror of the Blitz during the Second World War.


Dimensions13 × 1 × 19 cm



Age 9 – 12, Age 12 – 14




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