The Magic Of Reading For Pleasure: Pop-Up Bookshop’s Unique Book Fair Service

In a world where digital screens can dominate children’s leisure time, promoting a healthy love for reading and books has never been more critical.

At Pop-Up Bookshop, we understand the importance of instilling a passion for books in young people. Our unique book fair service, tailored to local schools and nurseries, is dedicated to promoting a love of reading for pleasure, one book at a time.

Our versatile mobile bookshop

Unlike traditional bookshops, Pop-Up Bookshop doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar store. Instead, we bring the exciting world of children’s literature to various locations throughout our local community. This flexibility allows us to set up shop in virtually any size or shape venue, plus engage with a wide variety of demographics, ensuring that the magic of reading is accessible to all.

A carefully curated selection of the very best children’s books

Our book fairs boast the very best award-winning children’s titles, carefully curated to inspire and captivate young minds. We choose books to excite and delight children and also to encourage learning, empathy, and to develop imagination. We believe in the power of storytelling to spark a child’s curiosity and shape their future.

Reading has the power to change lives

What sets Pop-Up Bookshop apart is our passion to nurture a positive reading culture within our community. We firmly believe that a lifelong love of reading begins in childhood, and our book fair service is designed to reinforce this belief. We understand that reading is not just about turning the pages of a book; it’s about opening doors to new worlds, igniting creativity, and broadening horizons.

Guaranteed free books for your school or nursery

One of the most exciting aspects of our book fair service is that it guarantees your school or nursery free books through a share of our termly Community Book Fund. Our purposeful business model is designed to profit-share. We donate £1 from every book we sell, 365 days per year, back to local education, making our books accessible to every child at your setting.

A place to discover a new book or author

Our mobile bookshop is not just a place to buy books; it’s a place to discover them. We create an immersive environment where children can explore the enthralling world of stories, browse through an extensive selection of books, and even engage with authors and illustrators. We want children to experience the sheer delight of picking up a book and getting lost in its pages.

In addition to offering free books, we also provide a platform for local authors and illustrators to showcase their work. This not only encourages creativity within the community but also allows children to connect with the creators of the stories they adore.

At Pop-Up Bookshop, we believe in the power of reading to shape a brighter future for our children.

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